We have the experience and expertise to be your trusted collision repair specialists.

Below is a general step by step process for most repairs to give you an idea of what you can expect. Please feel free to call if you have any additional questions.



Should you have an accident and your vehicle is not drivable, you can call us and we’ll arrange our rollback to pick it up from the scene of the accident or any other location you may have your vehicle.

estimate & repair authorization


We will do our best to give you the most accurate estimate possible. We do that by fully inspecting your vehicle and inputting the data into our estimating system.  An estimate will then be created specifically for the damages that are visible at the time the estimate is written. There can often be “hidden damages” which will only be found when the vehicle is disassembled for the repair process.


insurance approval

The completed estimate is then submitted to your insurance company for review. Your insurance company will then look over the estimate and make any changes they feel are necessary. Once an agreed upon price has been reached with your insurance company we will order parts and start the repair process.


Pro Collision-95.jpg

As mentioned above, repairs can have hidden damages that cannot be seen until the vehicle has been disassembled. When hidden damages are found, the insurance company may need to re-inspect your vehicle to assess the additional damage, resulting in a supplement. If needed, more parts will be ordered, or additional labor added. Please keep in mind that this can add additional time to the original estimated completion time.


ordering parts

Once your insurance company has approved any supplement, if it was needed, we will then order any additional parts for your car.

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body repair

The body of your vehicle will be repaired to fit the original factory specifications. Damaged panels will either be repaired or replaced as well as scratch repair, frame repair, etc. We will make sure your vehicle is safe to drive once repairs are complete.

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Your vehicle will undergo a paint preparation and application process. This is where we will invest in matching the original color and texture of your vehicle onto the area where the damage affected the exterior of your vehicle.

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All parts including the moldings, decals, stripes, etc. are put back on your car. All of the vehicle’s systems are inspected and any other extra services, such as wheel alignments or resetting the electronics, will be done at this time. We will also perform a quality check to ensure our repair standards were met and to look for any minor adjustments.

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The repair process can result in accumulated dust so we will wash and vacuum your vehicle. A final inspection will ensure that your vehicle is back to its pre-accident condition.



We will notify you when your vehicle’s collision repair is complete and you will be able to pick up your vehicle and inspect our repairs. Our courteous staff will explain your final bill and collect your payment.  It is recommended to not polish or wax your car for 90 days in order for the paint to cure.